Competition law

Competition law is often considered as one of the most complex fields of law. An attorney who works in this field must also delve into issues related to economy and the business environment. Also the content of the competition law itself consists not only of concisely formulated laws and regulations, but also extensive guidelines as well as practice materials. However, it is exactly the complexity and scope of competition law that makes it one of the most interesting areas of law in my eyes. Whether it was a coincidence or a regularity, the very first case, where I provided assistance after becoming an attorney-at-law in 2007, was the representation of a client in a claim for compensation of damages caused by unfair competition.

Currently, compensation for damages caused by infringements of competition law is one of the most pressing legal issues both in Latvia and the European Union. I represent clients in these types of matters and I am pleased to be able to help resolve various situations by applying my knowledge not only in competition law, but also in civil law (tort law) and commercial law matters, which are important when assessing damages or liability matters of the management board.

I also provide legal assistance to the clients in other cases that are related to competition law issues, such as cases of abuse of a dominant position and competition restricting agreements.

In competition law cases, I have represented clients in courts, as well as in competition institutions – the Competition Council and the European Commission. I provide clients with opinions on various competition law matters, as well as recommendations for mitigation of competition law risks. I also provide legal assistance for investigative activities carried out by competition institutions, i.e. dawn raids.