Dispute resolution

Legal assistance in dispute resolution is one of my main areas of professional activity. The topic of my doctoral dissertation was also closely related to dispute resolution andon behalf of a client, I have appealed to the European Court of Human Rights. I have represented clients in the European Court of Justice both in written and oral proceedings. Until now, I have represented clients in Latvian courts of all instances in civil cases, administrative cases, as well as represented companies in arbitration court proceedings.

I have led a variety of cases. There have been cases with wide public resonance and different opinions about what the outcome of the case should be. There have also been cases related to specific areas or matters. I have represented clients in cases concerning the liability of real estate sellers, the liability of participants in the construction process, the performance or breaches of contracts, as well as many others. In several cases, where I have provided assistance, the Senate of the Supreme Court of the Republic of Latvia has passed judgments that amend the case law. Perhaps the most exotic experience to date is a dispute in which the law of England and Wales was applicable, and in which I assisted a client in cooperation with British lawyers.

Dispute resolution is not just litigation. It also means resolving differences through negotiation. This can be even more complicated than litigation, because not only legal arguments, but psychological and other conditions play a significant role. Nevertheless, in several cases it has been possible to reach a settlement of the dispute through negotiations, concluding a favourable settlement for the client. I am especially proud of the assistance provided in a case where, after the conclusion of the settlement, the client continued a commercially successful cooperation with his former opponent.