Legal opinions

In more complex legal issues, it is often essential to receive an independent assessment, which either allows you to make sure of the correctness of the existing position, or indicates aspects that would be useful to review, also providing recommendations for another, possibly more legally justified, position. Such an external assessment or legal opinion can be used to strengthen arguments in negotiations, or in legal proceedings or arbitration proceedings. If a dispute is being settled in a court of another country or in an international arbitration, where in the proceedings the substantial law of the Republic of Latvia is applicable, it may be necessary to receive the opinion of a Latvian legal expert on the interpretation of the applicable legal provisions.

As a PhD in Law, docent (assistant professor) of the University of Latvia, author of several books and peer-reviewed articles, as well as an experienced attorney-at-law, I have provided such opinions on issues of competition law, commercial law, contract law, non-contractual liability (tort liability), intellectual property law and other areas of law. The value of my legal opinions are proven also by the fact that the Constitutional Court of the Republic of Latvia has repeatedly invited me to provide an invited person’s (amicus curiae) opinion on the matters of civil proceedings, ownership of funds and arbitration proceedings confirms the high assessment of my conclusions.